Back2Work’s Video Call makes it easy for remote and rural job seekers

As a company Back2Work is committed to disruptive innovation and generating ideas and solutions to deliver positive experiences to our clients and support Employment Providers to make a difference. Video conferencing has been available for many years in both a corporate and clinical setting, and there is now significant evidence that video conferencing consultations are as effective as face-to-face interventions. This is especially so in rural and remote areas, where people have limited access to health specialists and as a consequence must bear the additional costs of travelling to appointments.

Back2Work Founder and Managing Director Dr Kylie Henderson said she was proud to be able to extend our already high-quality, evidence-based, face-to-face services to online consultations as it enables us to provide greater value to our clients and provide more people in need of work health services, with more frequent support.

“At Back2Work we know that people are better working than when they are not,” Dr Henderson said. “Research shows that improvements in mental health and health outcomes increase the success of a job seeker returning to, and sustaining work, so we need face-to-face support as well as digital solutions that connect job seekers to these important services.”

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