Life at Back2Work and Humanity Health Group


Together we impact the future of healthcare.

We’re a tight-knit network bound together by passion and purpose.


It’s our people-centric health, wellbeing and development initiatives that separate us from the rest. We’ll empower you to step up: step sideways: flourish always in your pursuit of a long and meaningful career. Are you ready to make each day more meaningful than the last?

Join Us


If you’re craving a diverse caseload, balanced work-life, and unrivalled professional supervision, support and career development, come and cultivate a meaningful career with Back2Work.




Through our parent brand, Humanity Health Group, we are a destination for career cultivation with opportunities to traverse across a portfolio of twelve established brands. Explore the variety of careers we offer across all facets of healthcare.

Mentoring & Support


Through the clinical excellence we foster internally, we’ll mentor and teach you advanced learnings that are best practice methodologies, ensuring unparalleled career opportunities.


Team Values


A career with Back2Work is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to make each day more meaningful than the last.