Who We Serve


Our highly trained allied health professionals come to you to deliver high-quality health interventions and assessments to get your job seekers back to work. We offer face-to-face and video call services. When you have job seekers that aren’t working but should be, we help to carry the load by working collaboratively and delivering a range of proven, timely and cost-effective health services with the specialised skills your staff generally do not have.

We are innovators and disruptors in our industry offering digital and personalised for your need solutions. Our innovative approach extends to cohort groups, including ATSI, mature, youth, ex-offenders, parents, CALD and more. Back2Work health specialists offer individual and group interventions, medical assessments, pre-employment assessments and post-placement support and more. Call us on 1300 30 28 11 to find out how we can help you achieve your goals and the goals of your job seekers.


Back2Work allied health professionals come to you to deliver high-quality health interventions and assessments for your DES job seekers on site. We offer face-to-face group and individual services as well as video call for your job seekers with financial or travel challenges or who live in rural or remote areas. We work with your DES job seekers to reduce barriers to returning to work and also offer medical assessments as well as pre-employment assessments and post-placement support. Call us now on 1300 30 28 11 to find out how we can support you.


Our Back2Work allied health specialists offer individual and group services to engage young people and support them into, or back to, work. We are highly skilled in engaging young people and providing interventions that address barriers in a way that young job seekers respond to. Call us on 1300 30 28 11 to ask us how we can support your TTW job seekers.


We offer ParentsNext job seekers, both individual and group – based services. Our innovative, high quality, results driven Empower2Work Group program was created by health experts with parenting and post-natal experience to help parents realise their full potential and to build capacity and confidence so they can return to, and stay in, meaningful employment. Contact us here to ask us about our ParentsNext services.

Career Transition Assistance (CTA)

Back2Work offers individual, small group and video call CTA services to support your mature-aged job seekers. Our programs and services include health-related interventions, goal setting, understanding transferrable skills, navigating the job application process, interview skills and much more to increase participants’ confidence and motivation and become more competitive in the labour market. Call us on 1300 30 28 11 for more information.

Support for you

Our accredited Back2Work health specialists support your team to work more
effectively with job seekers and within your team. We offer informal morning meeting training as well as our formal training programs based on evidence-based best practice. All our programs can be customised to suit your needs and include:

  • Overcoming resistance
  • Health assessment
  • Understanding barriers
  • Effective communication
  • Productive time and case management
  • Leadership
  • Coaching for supervision for employment consultants
  • Three-way assessments
  • Mental health first aid and much more.

We also offer NDIS services through Care Squared and Employment Assistance Programs through Me & Work.