What is the Ready, Set, Go! program?

Ready, Set, Go! is a unique motivational and educational program designed to inspire job seekers who are having difficulty finding or sustaining long-term employment. The program has been specifically tailored to inspire and encourage those lacking vocational direction or experiencing reduced confidence to build resilience and confidence to find and sustain employment.

The program is delivered by AHPRA registered Back2Work allied health practitioner and an Humanity Code Accelerator who support and educate each participant with information and feedback. Participants receive a comprehensive workbook and homework to aid reflection and to help them move towards their employment goals.

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Benefits of our group programs include:

  • Group members often become a support network for each other
  • A group approach encourages sharing and workshopping ideas for improving difficult situations
  • Groups reinforce to individual job seekers that they are not alone and that plenty of people experience job-seeking difficulties.
  • Talking and listening to others often helps individuals put their challenges into perspective
  • By seeing and listening to how others approach difficult challenges and make positive changes, members learn a variety of ways to find the right job for them.

This program supports your job seekers to:

  • Implement positive strategies to manage stress, wellbeing and improve confidence
  • Utilise techniques to better cope with mental health conditions, including anxiety or depression
  • Identify their strengths and what they offer in the labour market.

Program outline:

The program runs for 15 hours with a variety of delivery formats:

  • 1 x 3 hour session per week for 5 weeks, or
  • 1 x 3 hour session per day for 1 week

Programs can be run face to face or online.

Modules covered: 

  1. Coping at work
  2. Confidence at work
  3. Fit at work
  4. Connecting at work
  5. Motivated at work


All participants receive a workbook and set homework to aid reflection and recall.


Program cost:

$90 per hour per job seeker

 * Minimum participant number applies. Extra charges may be incurred for travel.


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