Speaker sessions and lunch and learns

me&work provides tailored speaker sessions, workshops and 1:1 coaching in support of individual and group development. Topics may include,

  1. Understanding your conflict style and working to reduce customer conflict/aggression
  2. Setting boundaries and maintaining professionalism
  3. Leading with kindness and empathy
  4. Educating on healthy habits – sleep, alcohol, smoking exercise and hydration
  5. Alliance – Creating the rapport and mutual accountability to attract, engage, retain, and celebrate employment with participants
  6. Boundaries, empathy and obligation – A guide to looking past barriers and behaviours to ensure goal attainment.
  7. Simple barrier mitigation – Efficient barrier identification and simple mitigation. Even the biggest and most complex stories only ever need, achievable and measurable steps to mitigate
  8. Outcome attainment – Micro staged goal setting that supports rapid outcome attainment
  9. Candour – Efficient communication of expectations
  10. Managing mental health – Separating myth from fact and function from diagnosis
  11. Managing addiction & social sabotage: Accountability in the face of dysfunctional behaviour.
  12. Personal performance and real time resilience
  13. Task and time champions: Time management
  14. Social media citizenship and safety
  15. Proactive self-care and accountable personal growth
  16. Judo – How to disarm aggression, hostility, and reluctance