What is the This Works! program?

This Works! is appropriate for young job seekers who:

  • have reported barriers to finding or sustaining work
  • need support finding vocational direction or motivation
  • have reduced confidence
  • are failing to gain or sustain employment for unclear reasons.


This program supports you job seekers to:

  • Build positive strategies to manage stress, wellbeing and improve confidence
  • Understand techniques to better cope with mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression
  • Identify their strengths and what they can offer the labour market
  • Build problem-solving skills for employment related situations


ThisWorks! aims to teach younger job seekers the skills they need to confidently find, get and stay in work.


What are the outcomes?

After completing This Works!4Youth, your job seeker will be able to identify their skills and strengths and feel more confident and motivated about their approach to work. Job seekers will have developed problem-solving skills for employment related situations.

Back2Work will also provide job seekers with a tailored action plan including a list of 20 employers they could work for now!

Program outline

This Works! is an intensive 15 hour, strengths focussed program designed to provide job seekers with the skills required to gain and maintain employment.

The program is delivered across 5 modules:

  1. Coping@Work: Management of stress, anxiety and dealing with adversity in the workplace
  2. Confident@Work: Building self-esteem, the impact of attitude and effective self-promotion to employers
  3. Fit@Work: Work fitness, self-care, building and maintaining your body and mind towards employment
  4. Connecting@Work: Improving interview effectiveness, relationship building and managing expectations at work
  5. Motivated@Work: How to maintain momentum and creating actions that lead to acheiving success.

Course cost

$43.30 per hour, per job seeker

* Minimum participant number apply